Living in the Hamilton Beach neighborhood of Queens

Hamilton Beach Apartments

Hamilton Beach is one of Queens' tiniest pockets, sitting at the northern edge of Jamaica Bay. This small, residential town is sits next to JFK Airport, and just east of Old Howard Beach separated by the Hawtree Basin.


Most streets in Hamilton Beach are dead-ends--all branching out from 104th Street, the town's main connecting road. With only a single road into the hamlet, it's easy to see why this neighborhood is devoid of any "typical" NY apartments. Rather, any Hamilton Beach apartments that become available will most likely be limited to single-family house rentals.


Life In Hamilton Beach

Although not as inaccessible as many Queens neighborhoods, this community lacks the variety of public transit options that New York City has to offer. Just up the street in Old Howard Beach is the Howard Beach-JFK Airport Station, where the A Train stops before its journey across the Bay. And although this is Hamilton Beach's limit for train access, the QM17 express bus will take passengers to Midtown Manhattan in less than 50 minutes. Although transit to this region is rather infrequent, it still exists, and runs daily.


Along with both Howard Beaches, Hamilton Beach doesn't have quite the access to parks as many other Queens neighborhoods. Instead, it's pocket by the Bay isolates itself from much of the greenspaces beyond. However, with a quick drive or bus ride down Crossbay Blvd, you'll be transported to the Rockaways. These towns at the southernmost stretch of Queens have miles of beaches--perfect for a summer weekend getaway. At only about a quarter-mile in area, Hamilton Beach apartments are a tough find.

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