Living in the Hammels neighborhood of Queens

Hammels Apartments

Hammels is a residential neighborhood situated near the eastern end of the Rockaway Peninsula. This seaside community rests between Rockaway Beach and Arverne, and has quite the mix of housing stock.


While ignoring the NYCHA housing block, there are quite a few residential towers parked near the waterfront. These buildings, along with a few other multifamily units, make up the majority of Hammels apartments. The northern section of town has less of an urban feel as the high-rises at the sand, and sports a wide variety of single-family homes. If you're into a beachside community, and don't mind a commute into Manhattan, the NY apartments in Hammels are worth a look.


Seaside Living in Hammels

Although out in the Rockaways, this neighborhood isn't nearly as inaccessible as a few other Eastern Queens communities. Although a car is highly recommended, residents can get around Hammels by foot, or take the train off the Peninsula. Serving this neighborhood are the A Train and the Rockaway Park Shuttle, which run on the same track, and provide train service around Jamaica Bay and into Manhattan. Taking the Train out of the Rockaways can be daunting and rather slow, but there is one more option for those who prefer using public transportation.The QM17 express bus travels right along Rockaway Beach Blvd, providing easy (and walkable) access to its stops. This bus will take passengers to Midtown Manhattan in under an hour, though its no real fix to Hammels' distance dilemma.


Sitting at the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, Hammels apartments are within walking distance to the Peninsula's strip of beaches. Here, the summertime weekends last as long as you want, and the scenery provides visitors with a pleasant place to relax. A few of the neighborhood's storefronts sit on either Rockaway Beach Blvd or  Shore Front Parkway, though nothing comparable to the bustling downtowns of other communities. Hammels is a small, beachside community for those who enjoy a detachment from the daily grind in the city.

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