Living in the Malba neighborhood of Queens

Malba Apartments

Step into the neighborhood of Malba and you'll be looking at one of Queens' most exclusive communities. Located on the edge of Powell Cove in Long Island Sound, this northern Queens neighborhood is notable for its large homes and winding roads.


If you're searching for the typical NY apartment, this is not the place to look, as the housing stock consists entirely of large, private, single-family homes. But don't get too discouraged, as there are usually a few homes for rent. But for the most part, you won't be hearing the term "Malba apartments" anytime soon.


Oceanside Ritz in Malba

Much of the neighborhood's character plays off Malba's proximity to the waterfront. But the community's exclusivity comes with a few drawbacks, as it is not very accessible by public transportation. Rather, commuters either choose to drive into Manhattan, or take a bus. The QM2 express bus is an easy option, and will take passengers into Midtown in as little as 35 minutes. But for those who prefer otherwise, the local Q44 bus travels down to Flushing, where connection is available to the number 7 train.


Malba's residential nature makes it a dead zone for entertainment, shopping, and recreation. But little to fear! Most of these activities are just a quick bus ride (or car ride) away. Just a few blocks south is the College Point Shopping Center, where residents have access to the normal gamut of chain stores. And around that same area, you can find several options in the realm of food.


Despite the extent of Malba's waterfront, there are zero beaches and very few public spaces. However, residents are rather close to Francis Lewis Park in neighboring Whitestone and Powell's Cove Park in College Point--both of which provide public shoreline access. But in the end, you probably won't be finding too many apartments in Malba.

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