Living in the Neponsit neighborhood of Queens

Neponsit Apartments

Neponsit is one of the finest gems of the Rockaways, and Queens, no doubt. This beautiful residential neighborhood sits midway down the Rockaway Peninsula, and is one of the borough's most affluent communities.


The beachside nature of Neponsit blends well with its large, well maintained homes. This high-end neighborhood is not the best place to find the typical small, NY apartment. Rather, most, if not all, available Neponsit apartments will be single-family home rentals. Nonetheless, this seaside community is an opportunity to make a distinction between work in the city, and home in a peaceful setting.


Beachside Lifestyle In Neponsit

It's serene location gives the community its name--Neponsit means "the place between waters" in the local Native American dialect. Situated just to the east of Jacob Riis Park, Neponsit is a rather small and quiet neighborhood. Residents of this leafy neighborhood will most likely opt to use their own beaches, accessible at the southern ends of each side street--from Beach 142nd to Beach 149th Streets. Just a short drive away are two other magnificent attractions on the Rockaway Peninsula worth visiting. Both Fort Tilden and Breezy Point Tip offer beautiful, natural landscapes on the shoreline.


Far From The City's Bustle

If your commute requires you to get to Manhattan, you'll probably prefer to take a car to work. Although the QM16 express bus provides access to Manhattan across the Cross Bay Bridge, the trip can take as long as an hour, and has a very limited timeframe when it comes to service. Two borders to the east, in Rockaway Park is the end of the line for the Rockaway Park Shuttle and Rockaway Branch of the A Train. This station is at Beach 116th, so a hop on the Q22 will eliminate a long walk in the winter months. Even so, the trip into Manhattan would take well over an hour (without delays or transfers).


Although largely a residential community, Neponsit is lucky to have a cute downtown section on Beach 129th Street. This strip runs the gamut--from pizzerias to local seafood, from salons to florists. This part of town makes it easy to enjoy a relaxing dinner close to home. Neponsit is a wonderful neighborhood with charming streets and lovely homes. Beach access, along with an exclusive location, makes this neighborhood an attractive place for those who can afford it. Although you will rarely see Neponsit apartments available on the market, a home rental in this seaside sanctuary would satisfy any growing family.

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