Living in the North Corona neighborhood of Queens

North Corona Apartments

Situated in between East Elmhurst and Corona lies the Queens neighborhood of North Corona. Here, the NY apartments come at a reasonable price, and many are quite stylish--coming in a range of colors and shapes.


But most North Corona apartments are in multifamily buildings, while only a handful are located in single-family homes. But despite the large amount of apartment buildings, everything in this community stands under five stories.


Living in North Corona

Like its neighbor to the south, North Corona is fairly close to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, where 1,255 acres of land provide residents with an incredible amount of recreational space and facilities. This greenspace is easily the largest public park in Queens, but takes the title as the second largest in New York City (behind the Bronx's Pelham Bay Park).


North Corona may seem like a long trek from Manhattan, but residents are no stranger to the area's strong sense of culture. The local flavors come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and there's absolutely no lack of authentic and delicious eateries. The neighborhood's main drags are Junction Boulevard, Northern Boulevard, Roosevelt Avenue, and 108th Street, although you can find many small stores and bodegas scattered about the sidestreets.


Although this neighborhood is in stark contrast to typical "suburban Queens", the automobile has quite a strong presence here, in comparison to other parts of the city. Most buildings in North Corona sport driveways and garages, for residents who either commute to work, or use the car for errands. But this neighborhood is far from isolated. Many times, having a Queens address means little access to the subway, which is fortunately not the case for this neighborhood. Instead, residents of North Corona apartments are always just a couple blocks from the number 7 train. In fact, commuters are lucky to have three separate stations at their disposal--all along Roosevelt Avenue.


North Corona has a unique character and identity all its own. The residents show a strong sense of community, and are clearly proud of their heritage and the backgrounds of their neighbors. 

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