Living in the Rockaway Beach neighborhood of Queens

Rockaway Beach Apartments

If you're looking for a NY apartment in a beachtown community, then Rockaway Beach just might be the Queens enclave for you. This slender neighborhood is bordered to the west by Rockaway Park and to the east by Arverne.


Several streets in this community are lined with three-story, brick duplexes, although there are many apartment buildings in the area. Yet with Jamaica Bay to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the south, there's little doubt that Rockaway Beach keeps its waterfront character close to heart.


Rockaway Beach: A Taste of Beachside Living

This seemingly isolated neighborhood is accessible by a few outbound boulevards: Flatbush Avenue connects the peninsula to Marine Park by way of the Marine Parkway Bridge; the Crossbay Boulevard skips across Jamaica Bay, connecting Rockaway Beach to Howard Beach; as well as the few avenues that lead east, off of the peninsula, and into Far Rockaway. Although Rockaway Beach apartments are somewhat isolated from the rest of Queens (and the other boroughs), the area is serviced with multiple MTA subway stations off the A train and the Rockaway Park Shuttle (both cut across Jamaica Bay).


Living on the Rockaway Peninsula doesn't mean isolation from the conveniences of city life. Both Rockaway Beach and Rockaway Park offer plenty of eateries and local establishments to fill almost every basic need of every resident. Rockaway Beach is home to Rockaway Taco, a local favorite for Mexican food. Most residents agree that this little shack has some of the best tacos in the area.

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