Living in the Rosedale neighborhood of Queens

Rosedale Apartments

Located at the southeastern corner of Queens is the small community of Rosedale. This neighborhood is very suburban in its character--mirroring next door's towns in Nassau County, Long Island.


Though the vast majority of housing stock in Rosedale are single-family homes and duplexes, there are a few blocks of NY apartments lining the outskirts of town. Any available Rosedale apartments will most likely be found in low-rise, attached rowhouses, although there are a few rental complexes around.


Living in Rosedale

For the residential-heavy atmosphere, Rosedale has quite a lot to offer beyond the realm of housing. Minor conveniences, such as drugstores, fast food restaurants, and banks are scattered about, providing quick errands for residents. But few Queens neighborhoods have the accessibility to shopping like Rosedale, as the large Green Acres Mall sits at the neighborhood's eastern end. Here, a Macy's, Best Buy, Walmart, and movie theatre all cluster along Sunrise Highway for easy access.


Besides Brookville Park to the west, there are very few greenspaces around Rosedale. The neighborhood sits outside the park-heavy regions of Queens, and is a bit isolated from those in Long Island, so there's not too much local recreation to be had. But not to fear! An escape is easily made by hopping on the Long Island Rail Road at the neighborhood's very own Rosedale Station. Located at the northern border of town, this train provides about a 35 minute ride to Manhattan's Penn Station.


Rosedale has a few shopping centers of its own, but nothing near the size of the adjacent mall. Nevertheless, blocks of Francis Lewis Blvd and 243rd Street have just about everything to satisfy basic necessities--all within a few blocks of any Rosedale apartments. If you're interested in moving out to the 'burbs, and don't mind a passing plane or two, this neighborhood is sure to please.

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