Living in the St. Albans neighborhood of Queens

St. Albans Apartments

St. Albans is a neighborhood in Queens, bordered to the east by Cambria Heights, to the south by Springfield Gardens and Laurelton, and to the northwest by Jamaica.


This residential community is fairly suburban, with two to three story houses on individual lots. Some of the streets look like they were taken straight out of a New England magazine, with towering trees and several Cape Cod style houses.


In other sections, the houses are smaller, however, still detached, many are set back from the street to allow for a front lawn. In other areas, you can find a few low-rise buildings with NY apartments, while other sections are completely filled with brick rowhouses. With its large variety of housing stock, there is something for almost everyone in St. Albans.


Living in St. Albans

Residents of St. Albans apartments can get to Manhattan in a variety of ways. The Long Island Rail Road stops in St. Albans at the namesake station, which runs along the Babylon and West Hempstead lines. The trip into Penn Station takes about 30 minutes, give or take, yet weekday trains only arrive on an hourly basis. The closest subway to the neighborhood is the Jamaica Center - Parsons/Archer Avenue Station, which is over a mile away, and definitely not within walking distance. However, this station is accessible by means of a few local Queens buses (along Linden or Merrick Boulevards).


Although there are few parks in the community, the St. Albans Memorial Park has a few recreational amenities to offer its residents. These include tennis courts, a playground, handball courts, and even cricket fields. 

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