Living in the Sunnyside Gardens neighborhood of Queens

Sunnyside Gardens Apartments

Sunnyside Gardens is a section of western Queens, just north of Sunnyside, west of Woodside, and east of Long Island City. This is a beautiful and charming neighborhood, several blocks of which are lined with full, mature trees that canopy over the streets.


Few residences of these particular streets rise above two stories, however a few low- and mid-rise apartment complexes are dotted in a few areas. 


The main residential section of Sunnyside Gardens have gorgeous front and rear gardens, seemingly garden-style homes on rather long blocks. The facade of these well-maintained row houses area mainly of Colonial Revival, several blocks of which are attributed to the Sunnyside Gardens Historic District.


Living in Sunnyside Gardens

Skillman Avenue is one of the area's main commercial thoroughfares, with several local shopping and eating establishments. Sunnyside Gardens is flanked by three greenspaces: Tornsey Playground, Sunnyside Garden Park, and the Lawrence Virgilio Playground.


Residents of Sunnyside Gardens apartments will need to travel down to Queens Boulevard in the Sunnyside neighborhood to catch any subway line. To get there, residents can either walk, or jump onto the local Q104 bus. Going in the opposite direction on this bus, and you will be taken to the M, N, Q, & R trains along Broadway.

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