City Realty

With so many thousands of New York rental apartments coming on to the real estate market all the time—and, often, getting snatched up by customers just as quickly—it's no wonder that there are many different companies and websites devoted to helping you find the perfect home. Urban Edge is just one of the best known of these sites, along with NY Bits, StreetEasy and City Realty.

City Realty, located at, is best know for their directory of buildings located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Northern New Jersey.  Each building has an extensive write-up, and includes typical pricing (though not actual availabilities) for both rentals, and condos & co-ops. City Realty also lists New York City fee and no fee rentals, as part of their brokerage services.

A division of the privately-held company Real Estate On-Line, City Realty has been posting listings of NYC rental apartments since its founding in 1995, and today works with more than 500 brokers to help its customers find a home. The City Realty list of current New York apartments for rent are searchable in several ways: by price range, by neighborhood, and by building. City Realty, located at, also provides prospective NYC apartment renters with lengthy essays on many of Manhattan's most sough-after neighborhoods, including Tribeca, the Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, the Flatiron District, Morningside Heights, Soho, Sutton Place and Lenox Hill.

If you're looking for a NYC rental apartment but are unfamiliar with the city, neighborhoods guides such as the ones found at City Realty can be helpful in focusing your initial search. Just remember: New York City has one of the most extensive, least expensive subway systems in the world, so it's always a good idea to look at all neighborhoods on or near the same subway line as where you work or play. 

As mentioned earlier, City Realty also offers seekers of NYC rental apartments extensive information on dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of the best-known buildings in town, from basic facts—exact address, building height, year of construction, etc.--to detailed lists of the amenities and services offered to its tenants. City Realty also posts the condo and co-op listings from the brokers with whom they have partnered, and even provides exhaustive essays on each of their the Top 100 NYC Condos and Co-ops.

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