Naked Apartments

If you're searching for a NY apartment, it's never a bad idea to put as many resources as possible at your disposal. Naked Apartments, found at, is a relatively new NYC real estate website that's perhaps most succinctly described as a "dating site"  (think Match, or OkCupid) for rental apartment hunters. The difference here is that, instead of introducing single (or sort-of single) New Yorkers to like-minded romantic partners, Naked Apartments hooks up NY apartment seekers with brokers and landlords who, in a perfect world, have exactly the right new home for them.

Here's how Naked Apartments works. You go to and fill out a renter's profile, as you would on a dating site. But instead of sections such as "Body Type", "Drinks: Often/Socially/Rarely/Never" and "The most private thing I'm willing to admit", your Naked Apartments profile provides real estate brokers, building managers, and landlords with information like your maximum rent, your ideal NYC rental apartment size, your move date, and up to 10 preferred neighborhoods in all five boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.

Filling out a profile is completely free, and, equally important, completely anonymous. Brokers and landlords send you listings that match your specifications, and only when you reply in order to see an apartments is your identity revealed. The brokers and landlords DO pay a fee to use Naked Apartments—at last report, it cost them $2 for every email sent to prospective tenants—but that doesn't seem to have deterred too many New York City real estate brokers from using the site. Property managers and owners, not so much.


Are There No Fee Apartments on Naked Apartments?

The primary downside for potential renters on is the classic broker's fee / no broker's fee dilemma. Yes, there are true no fee NY apartments for rent to be found at Naked Apartments, those rentals offered directly from a building's owner or landlord, but the majority of homes on the website are available only through a broker. At last count, approximately 3/4 of the listings on Naked Apartments has a brokers fee.

NYC real estate brokers usually charge the equivalent of one- to two-month's rent for their services, so the price for using a broker is considerable. And even no fee  rental apartments, found through a broker, may have hidden costs: if you're not paying a broker's fee, the landlord surely is, and possibly passing that cost to you in the form of a higher monthly rent. In contrast, all of the NYC apartments for rent here at Urban Edge are posted by the landlords, so there is never a broker's fee, hidden or otherwise.

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