NY Bits

There are so many hundreds of great NY apartments on the market at any given time that there is plenty of room in this town for more than one NYC rental apartment websites. NY Bits (at nybits.com) is just one example of a site besides Urban Edge that lists NYC apartments and offers profiles of New York City neighborhoods. Owned and operated by Gromco, Inc., NY Bits at nybits.com provides a reasonably comprehensive catalog of professionally managed buildings housing NY apartments for rent.  

The NY Bits directory of NY apartments is organized by neighborhoods—no fee apartments in dozens of communities in Manhattan, Brooklyn Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island as well as certain "Tri-State Area" sections of New Jersey—which makes the listings at nybits.com similar to many NYC real estate websites. But NY Bits also offers people seeking New York City rental apartments a means by which to search for no fee apartments by building. This way, NY Bits not only gives its users information about individual NYC apartments for rent, nybits.com also offers a portrait of the building itself.


NY Bits Building Directory

The building directory on NY Bits includes basic stats such as exact address, number of stories, the year in which it was built, and, in many cases, a photograph or two so you can get a sense of what the NYC rental apartment building looks like. The building guide at nybits.com also features a list of each building's specific amenities and services, from an on-site parking garage to a 24-hour concierge desk; from a roof deck and terrace to a children's playroom; from universal high-speed wifi to the option to pay your rent with American Express, and so really rack up the miles. 

First launched in 2005, the NY Bits website grew out one of the Gromco team member's own search for a New York City rental apartment. The Gromco staffer was trying to organize the dozens of NYC no fee apartment sites and listings he had bookmarked, and the personal quest for bringing order to this chaos expanded and grew (long after this fellow had found an apartment) "Sitebits-New York" and, eventually, into nybits.com. Gromco, by the way, is an abbreviation for a motto the then-fledging company came up with in 2006: "Get Rid Of Mental Contamination."

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