RDNY (Rent-Direct)

RDNY, or, Rent Direct New York (formerly Rent-Direct.com), is another website that, like Urban Edge, offers prospective tenants listings of NYC no fee rental apartments. RDNY has been online since 1995, and calls itself New York's "oldest" no fee apartment rental service.

RDNY, located at rdny.com, limits its coverage of NYC apartments for rent to four of the city's five boroughs—Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx—as well as several neighborhoods in Westchester and the Metro New Jersey area that are close enough to Manhattan for an easy commute, such as Bronxville, Mount Vernon, and Fleetwood; and Jersey City, Hoboken, and Union City, respectively.


RDNY Charges for Access to their Database

The big, potentially deal-breaking difference between RDNY and sites such as Urban Edge? RDNY charges you either $139 or $169 in order to browse through their listings on no fee NYC apartments, a subscription that is good for 60 days. Urban Edge and other NYC rental apartment sites like Urban Sherpa and NY Bits have no subscription charge, or membership fee… you just need to log in and can look for as long and as often as you like, all for free.

The thing about membership fees: if you discover a great apartment within 60 days through RDNY that you wouldn't have been able to find anywhere else, $139 is money well spent, and certainly a lot less expensive than paying a broker's fee, which is often the equivalent of two months rent.   

And what does the subscription charge get you at RDNY? The Rent Direct New York listings include building photos (exterior and, when available, interior) as well as instant Google Maps images and directions. RDNY employs Rental Advisors whom you can email or call during business hours with questions. And rdny.com lets you sign up for email alerts when apartments that meet your specifications hit the market.

RDNY is certainly a more targeted and reliable way to find a no fee NYC rental apartment than, say, the free listing on Craigslist, where bait-and-switch and "hidden fees" are rampant. Some people say paying a subscription charge like the one required by RDNY is worth it; others maintain that you should save your money, that you can find just as many great no fee ny apartments on sites such as Urban Edge.

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