There are always thousands of NYC rental apartments on the market at any time, so there's more than enough need for multiple websites that help you find New York apartments, no fee or otherwise. Like Urban Edge, NY Bits, and City Realty, StreetEasy offers NYC rental apartment seekers a look at what's available in the city (and its environs) right now, with profiles of individual buildings and homes.

In addition to its aggregated listings for New York City apartments for rent—including NYC no fee rental apartments (and many fee apartments)—StreetEasy at also has a large section on NYC apartments for sale, both co-ops and condos.

In fact, StreetEasy first made its name in the New York apartment listings business with its sales pages. First launched in 2005, StreetEasy is, at its core, an aggregator, combing the web for New York City apartments for sale (and, now, for rent), and reposting all listings at, without charging its customers—regular people in the market for a NYC apartment--for the information. This upset some folks in the New York real estate game (namely, the brokers) who had been demanding a fee to look at their listings.


Apartment Price History on StreetEasy

Even more controversially, StreetEasy at also posted the number of days each one of the NYC apartments it lists has been on the market, and whether its price has gone up or down during that period, and by how much. Armed with this information, rarely given so freely to the public before, people shopping for a NYC apartment could get a quick sense of how motivated a seller might be accept an immediate offer, one that perhaps was even lower than the list price. 

Today StreetEasy does the same for listings of NYC rental apartments, letting prospective tenants know whether the rent on any given apartment has gone up or down since it was first placed on the market. And if you search for NYC rental apartments by building—or just click on the building link within each listing, StreetEasy will list every apartment within that building that has been on the market in the past few years, giving you a snapshot of the recent history of the market in that building, and, if you expand your search, in that neighborhood.

StreetEasy also includes all the relevant information about each apartment, as well as the "stats" of each building, from the basics—exact address, year constructed, number of floors--to a detailed look at al of the services and amenities you could expect upon moving in.

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