Urban Sherpa

With so many thousands of NY apartments being offered by landlords every week--and, often just as quickly snatched up by prospective, deal-seeking tenants—it's no surprise that Urban Edge isn't the only website with listings for NY apartments for rent. We think Urban Edge is the best at providing you with the most appealing no fee NYC rentals in town; the folks at Urban Sherpa might disagree.

Urban Sherpa, like Urban Edge, is 100% free to use, with never a registration fee, or sign-up fee, required in order to browse through their NYC rental apartment listings. It's worth noting that there ARE sites which try to charge you just to look at what they have, and the fee is often well over $100. 

Anyway, Urban Sherpa, located at UrbanSherpaNY.com (and not to be confused with the Urban Sherpa travel site), is dedicated to bringing NY apartment hunters a user-friendly way to explore hundreds of listings of no fee apartments. And, yes, like Urban Edge, all of the NYC apartments for rent on Urban Sherpa are truly no fee, meaning that you are dealing directly with the apartment owner, not going through a broker.


What Else Does Urban Sherpa Offer?

In addition to all of the information you would expect to find on such a website—NYC no fee apartments searchable by neighborhood, and size, and monthly rental price--Urban Sherpa also shows you: the amount of time an apartment has been on the market; landlord descriptions, including their policies on issues like pets, moving-in procedures, and application preferences; and a look at the basic qualifications a landlord is looking for, as well as the documentation required for you to sign a lease.

Urban Sherpa also offers you what they call "market statistics" but which are really just a quick look at the average rental prices of specific types of apartments, in specific neighborhoods, among the NYC rental apartments that Urban Sherpa currently has in their listings.

For example, a snapshot at the time of this writing tells us that the average price of a two-bedroom, one-bath apartment in Nolita is $4,909. Interesting, it's true… but that's only out of the four such available apartments that Urban Sherpa has in their database right now. Other websites might have other, or more, Nolita two-bedroom apartments in their system, and so the story might be quite different.

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