Furnished apartments for rent in New York City and its surrounding area can be ideal for a temporary housing solution. Job-related relocations and temporary corporate assignments are probably the most common reason people rent furnished apartments, and some corporate furnished apartment buildings are constructed and designed solely for companies to rent for new employees who are moving from another part of the country or the world, until they can find more permanent housing for themselves and their families.


There are three types of furnished apartments for rent. Partially- or semi-furnished apartments may come furnished with the basic, bigger pieces that make a home livable—a bed, a table, a sofa, a dresser—but it's all pretty bare bones, and these sorts of apartments tend to be rented to non-corporate clients. Students and others in a transition period in their lives often find these sorts of partially furnished apartments to be ideal for their traveling-light lifestyle.


When a listing says simply "furnished apartments for rent", you can usually expect all furniture to be in place: a bed, a couch, dressers, a dining table, as well as a television and DVD player, lamps and side tables, rugs and sometimes artwork. Furnished apartments such as these are usually the minimum required by corporate renters for temporarily housing their relocating employees, but these sorts of rental apartments—as well as the semi-furnished apartments discussed above--are also fairly common in apartments that are within someone's home, such as in the basement, or that take up the first floor of a brownstone.


Finally, there are the "fully furnished" apartments for rent, which, in addition to all furnishings from beds to TVs, also include linens and towels and bedding, all kitchen- and glassware (from utensils and plates and wine glasses to pots and pans), and appliances such as a microwave and a coffeemaker. These fully-furnished homes are the most common sort of corporate apartments. There are also semi-furnished, furnished, or fully-furnished apartments for rent that are simple sublets, rented out for the short term by apartment owners who, for a variety of reasons, can't or don't want to move or store their furniture.


Because companies are by far their biggest customers, furnished and fully furnished apartments are sometimes called, simply, corporate apartments, or corporate housing. If you've spent any time in the United Kingdom, you might have these sorts of homes referred to as "serviced apartments". Not surprisingly, furnished and fully furnished apartments are quite a bit more expensive than rental apartments that come without all of the "stuff". Fully furnished or corporate apartments are most often located within easy commuting distance—either by walking or by subway--of New York City's Midtown and Financial District commercial centers, for obvious reasons. The good news is that, because of the city's outstanding mass transit system, this can mean that your fully furnished home is in a neighborhood such as the Flatiron District, Chelsea, and Greenwich that has terrific restaurant, shopping, and nightlife options as well as being close to the office.

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