Living in the Bay Shore neighborhood of Suffolk County

Bay Shore Apartments

Bay Shore is a Suffolk County neighborhood on the south shore of Long Island, within the municipical borders of the Islip town.


Bayshore has been called "The Heart of the South Shore" by civic boosters, both for its geographic location right on the Great South Bay as well as its embrasure of its waterfront and a water-going lifestyle.


This hamlet is a total of six square miles, bordered to the north by the North Bay Shore neighborhood of Brentwood; to the east by the hamlet (as opposed to the town) of Islip; to the south by the Great South Bay and, across the water, Fire Island; and to west by the village of Brightwaters. 


This suburban neighborhood has an array of various sized homes on both very large and rather modest lots. Several historic mansions can be found along the inlets, and generally wherever the waterways have created a peninsula. There are a few of the traditional apartment buildings scattered through the neighborhood,  yet many Bay Shore apartments can be found in a number garden apartment complexes around the community.


Life in Bay Shore

Many Suffolk County rentals come with Long Island history, even if your home is part of the new development that sprung up in recent years. Under different names--including Penataquit, Mechanicsville, and, briefly in the early 19th century, Sodom--Bayshore has been a continuously populated community for more than 300 years. And around the turn of the 20th century, Bayshore was one of the most happening summer playgrounds in the Metropolitan area for the rich and famous, Some of these majestic mansions have since been razed, but others remain, either as private homes or subdivided and restored for commercial use.


The downtown section of Bay Shore runs along Main Street, and has a host of local establishments. Old-style movie theatres are mixed with restaurants, both big and small.  Residents of Bay Shore apartments can run all errands and even shop for clothes in little boutiques along the main drag. One particular BBQ restaurant is a favorite among locals and is situated along a quaint block of Main Street. Named Smokin' Al's, this BBQ joint serves up some delectable pulled pork and mac n' cheese, with some locals calling it the best BBQ on Long Island.


For those hot summer days, many residents of Bay Shore apartments choose to take the ferry down to Fire Island for the day. Located at the southern tip of Maple Avenue, at trip on the Bay Shore-Fire Island Ferry takes 30 minutes each way, and puts you at Kismet, just steps from the beach.


The Long Island Rail Road serves commuters through the Bay Shore station along the Montauk Branch. This train will take passengers to Midtown Manhattan's Penn Station in 1-1.5 hours, depending on whether the departure time they choose requires a transfer. 

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