Various Top 10 Real Estate Lists

Below you will find an assortment of Top 10 lists, as compiled by the staff here at Urban Edge. Of course, everyone has their own opinions, so the lists are sometimes (or maybe, often) subjective. But that's part of what makes these lists fun. You have the opportunity to read through, maybe learn a little, and debate them. Disagree? Feel free to contact us with your own Top 10 lists, or post them on our Facebook page.


Top 10 Unique Amenities in NYC Apartments - Sure, your building has a doorman and a gym.  But does it have a wine cellar? Pet Concierge? You gotta keep up with the Joneses, you know.

Top 10 Choices for a Rental Apartment with Pool in NYC - Just having a pool in this area is unique, but these are the best of this relatively rare amenity.

Top 10 Rental Buildings with Roof Decks - Not all roof decks are created equal! See which ones we think are the best.

Top 10 New Construction Rental Buildings in Manhattan - New developments have the latest bells and whistles. Learn all about these new and exciting places to live on the island of Manhattan.

Top 10 New Construction Rental Buildings in Brooklyn -  The BK has been the site of a slew of new developments recently--check out our favorites.

Top 10 Neighborhoods for Sports Enthusiasts in NYC - Learn where the most gyms are, best parks, etc. Weekend warriors unite.

Top 10 Neighborhoods for Dining and Eating Out in NYC -  Learn where you can get the best variety and/or quality of restaurants and food. Foodies... this is for you.

Top 10 Affordable Neighborhoods in NYC - Here's our list of the top affordable nabes in the area. Not just the cheapest, but the most affordable in terms of value.

Top 10 Dog Friendly Neighborhoods in NYC - Learn where man's best friend will be happy to live.

Top 10 Historic Neighborhoods in NYC  - The top nabes of historic significance in the area can be found here... not official Historic Districts, but neighborhoods.

Top 10 Green Apartment Buildings in NYC -  Some are rental, some are condo, but all are built using environmentally-friendly materials and methods.

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