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Yonkers Apartments

Yonkers apartments for rent come in as many sizes, in as wide a range prices, and, within which, as many different types of housing as you'd expect to find in any medium-sized city in America.


Because although Yonkers' location just north of the New York City borough of the Bronx suggests a suburban town—and there are certainly plenty of sections of Yonkers which feel exactly like that—the population here is on par with places such as Salt Lake City, Little Rock, and Des Moines.


Yonkers is bordered to the south by the Bronx communities of Riverdale, Woodlawn, and Wakefield; to the west by the Hudson River (and New Jersey); to the east by the Bronx River and the towns of Scarsdale, Mount Vernon, Bronxville, Tuckahoe, and Eastchester; and the north by Greenburgh, New York. Only two miles separate the southernmost point of Yonkers and the northernmost point of Manhattan.


Life in One of Yonkers Mini-Communities

Yonkers rental apartments can be found within every type of building, from attached, multi-family houses to garden-apartment complexes to Victorian-era homes to mid-rise residential buildings to luxury, contemporary structures. And, depending on whom you're talking to, the city of Yonkers can be divided into as many as 35 to 40 separate communities—Dunwoodie and Hudson Park in the south,  Crestwood and Beech Hill to the north, to name just four—though most of theses enclaves are separated more by tradition and look-and-feel than physical geography.


Historically, Yonkers was something of a manufacturing city, but most of its industrial base was shut down or abandoned in the post-war era, so it does have its that rustbelt look to it in certain areas. But its close proximity to Manhattan, as well as a long stretch of picturesque riverfront property, has also lent Yonkers a suburban feel to it.


There are commercial centers small and large scattered throughout the city, serving local residents of Yonkers apartments, but two of the most well-known shopping areas would have to be the big-box stores and strip malls all along Central Avenue, and the newly revitalized Cross Country Shopping Center, and open-air shopping mall with more than 100 stores. 


Yonkers: Transportation Within and Beyond

And residents of Yonkers apartments do indeed enjoy many options for a commute into "the city"—Yonkers has the eighth-highest public transit ridership in all of America--including four stops on the Hudson line of the the Metro-North Railroad, and four more in next-door Westchester County,  on the Harlem line. If driving to work is more to your liking, there are no fewer than five parkways and thruways which funnel into the Bronx, and then Manhattan.

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